Tips for Roof Maintenance

05 Jul 2015 23:28

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Roof is the vital part of a building and it needs proper maintenance. Since the roof is more prone to the impact of heat, cold, wind, snow and rain,you need to take necessary repair and maintenance work on time to keep the roof in good condition.

*The following tips can be helpful for:


Inspect your roof twice a year and after every storm. The inspection should be done both from outside and inside of roof. After a storm, look for broken shingles,tiles, and gouges from flying debris. You can use a binocular and ladder for inspection.

*Trim the tree branches:

If there are any overhanging tree branches close to the roof, trim them. Dead leaves get accumulated in the valleys and gutters and block free flow of rain water that cause water leaks. In addition, falling branches can gouge the roof and cause extensive damage. So trim all overhanging tree branches.

*Clean the debris:

Clean all debris accumulated on your roof periodically. Dirt, leaves, pine needles, and other debris clog together and cause mold and mildew formation. They destroy the sheathings of shingles and cause water leak. Remove all debris from drain channels to enable free flow of water.

*Stop water leaks:

Check the roof for any water leak and take necessary action to stop water leaks. Moisture buildup in the roof and interiors cause mold and mildew growth. They cause stains, foul smell, and allergic reactions.

*Replace Damaged Shingles:

Replace the worn out and missing shingles that are stripped off by heavy wind.

*Replace Roof Sealants as Needed:

Check for places where roof sealant is used. If you note any sign of wear and tear of the sealant, remove the old sealant and replace with fresh sealant.

*Remove snow:

If you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall, snow builds up fast on the roof. Remove the snow using a shovel before it gets hardened. This will prevent load on the roof and water leaks.

*Go for professional inspection:

Besides your inspection,arrange for professional inspection by a reputed roofing contractor for necessary repair and maintenance.

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